Automation Technology

The technology behind our controls systems requires expertise in computerized applications, electrical engineering, environmental engineering, systems networking, and construction. We make sure our technicians are experienced and well-versed in every area. They receive intensive, ongoing factory training at Schneider Electric  campuses in Texas and elsewhere on the latest developments in what is one of the fastest growing and fasted changing fields in the commercial building industry. We have been working with Schneider Electric since 1993, and we’re very proud of our ranking in the top 10% of Schneider Electric world-wide partners - no mean feat for a company that has extensive operations throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Managing Work space Environments 

Computerized controls not only help you manage energy settings and consumption throughout your facility, but they also can help you control physical access and run surveillance equipment - all on the same systemThey also provide advanced remote communications so you are guaranteed field service when you need it. Their full system alarm capability ensures that you avoid costly service losses.



  • Refrigeration- Precisely measure temperatures to reduce perishable shrink expenses and ensure customer satisfaction
  • Lighting- Control consumption to lower energy use and cost
  • Electrical- Meet efficiency and environmental compliance while cutting expenses


  • Ventilation- Decrease energy consumption with auto-adjusted flow rates while keeping indoor air quality at maximum levels
  • Heating/Cooling- Cut energy cost while keeping the temperature at the most comfortable levels with automated zone solutions


  • Access- Protect buildings with strategically designed access systems, sensors and monitoring stations
  • CCTV- Monitor and record vulnerable locations discreetly and effectively with centralized video monitoring, administration and reporting