Sheet Metal Fabrication

The Sheet Metal shop at SCR provides custom fabrication of sheet metal parts for any building configuration and HVAC installation project.

The shop is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and machines, including a Vulcan computerized plasma cutter, a 12 ft. by ΒΌ inch shearing machine, a 10 ft. beader, a speedy bender, and several hand brakes.

We also have available box and pan breaks, a 5 ft. by 3/16 inch power roller, a Norlock machine, TDC machine, corner caddy, power notchers, light and heavy duty Pittsburg machines, triplex machine, pin spotter, spot welder, numerous wire feed welders and many smaller machines.

Versatility and Flexibility

The shop can manufacture almost anything with sheet metal. Some of items that we commonly produce include duct work, dust collection pipes and fittings, brackets, stands, flashing and welded pieces. We fabricate parts for smaller installations as well as large projects for corporations. The shop goes through approximately 300 ton of steel per year.

While the average sheet metal company stocks about 10 to 15 different types, we keep over 35 different varieties of sheet metal in our shop inventory. Thicknesses range from 10 gauge to 24 gauge, and the different types include galvanized, paint grip, cold and hot rolled, color clad, stainless steel, aluminum, perforated, embossed and expanded.

Like all of the departments at SCR, the Sheet Metal shop recycles every piece of scrap steel. We maintain a proactive, vigilant safety program and are very proud of our safety record!